Wireless Calling System Restaurant Pager

Wireless calling system set consists of one 999-channel call button keypad and 10pcs wireless pagers. It adopts RF wireless technology with millions of different learning codes, can easily pair up to 999 channels of pagers.

While the customer places an order, he(she) will be dispatched a receiver with a number, when the order is ready, press the keypad to call the number, the customer will get it through the buzzer/vibration/LED indications.

The queue system greatly improves work efficiency and avoids the client waiting in a long queue. So it is widely used in fast food restaurant, food court, clinic, church, and auto shop or other queue occasions

3 Prompt modes

Buzzer+Flash, Vibration+Flash, Buzzer+Vibration+Flash. Easy to set the code of the pager from 1-999

Turn Off All Pagers at Once

3 Digit Display, 999-channel can call 999 pagers, Long press number 9 to shut down all pagers during charging statue, Easy to check 10 calling records by the UP/DOWN Buttons on the transmitter

Long Service Time

Recharge at any time, Built-in 3.7V rechargeable battery,the pager has 36 hours of continuous using,It can work about one week in daily use after full charge

Details usage:

Pagers for Hospital, Clinic

  • Long signal range device gets patients out of the trouble of defending their place in a long line
  • Patients could walk around or find a comfortable place to have a rest without having to worry about missing their turn

Pagers for Restaurants, Food Truck

  • Adopts advanced radio frequency wireless technology, penetrates walls, ceilings and floors more effectively
  • More suitable for large restaurants or food court

Pagers for Cafe, Shop

  • Paging system has enough range to be sure that your staff will be notified, with strong vibrations, beeps, light
  • No more confusing with customer orders

Pagers for Office, business

Designed to make calling easier whether it’s from staff-to-staff or staff-to-guest

  • Stable Signal
  • Easy To Use
  • Great for Business

Wireless Calling System for Communication

Wireless pager system adopts wrist watch style, compact size, easy to use
Suitable for Supermarket, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Hotel

Advanced Chip
The wrist watch receive use MicRf chip to maintain less signal interface; -108dbm receiving sensitivity

Rechargeable battery
400mAh built in battery for the watch receiver; long battery working hours; the transmitter pager use 12V/23A battery included in the package. Easy to charge, long standby time and safe charging circuit

Vibration or Buzzer prompt
The varied modes can be a good choice for different conditions; vibrations is fit for silent requirement. Buzzer works great for loudly noisy restaurant 

Compact Size
42g weight for the transmitter, easy to be placed on the table without taking much space

Easy to use
Each transmitter is with a base and double sided adhesive; so it can be fixed on the table well

Product Features

LCD Display

  • Watch pager adopts RF wireless technology with dot matrix LCD screen
  • You can see battery level and signal strength information
  • It also support date and time setting for accurate display
  • NOTE:
  • 1 Watch Add Max. 500pcs of Transmitters (call buttons)
  • 1 Button can call multiply watch receivers
  • Watch pager is only about 43.8g net weigh
  • 9.1 in, long wristband
  • Convenient for server use at restaurant; light weight; fashion design

USB charging cable included

  • Watch pager system use learning code metho
  • Add max 500 call buttons
  • Charging slots on back of the watch pager, easy to charge
  • USB charging cable included in our package
  • Built in rechargeable 400mAh battery for the watch receiver
  • Comes with adhesive tape sticker in the package
  • Can paste the call button on the food table; no need to worry about pager lost problem
  • No taking much space
  • Call button pager is powered by 1 Pc 12V/23A battery; and you can replace the battery when they run out

Caller Add and Delete

  • You can hear a di sound and “done” words show in screen when adding a call
  • Delete all and delete single to delete caller
  • Prompt Time Adjustable From 0-15s
  • Remove Calling Records Time Setting From 0-99s
  • Cycle Time Can Be Choose From 0-99s
  • Restaurant paging system adopts MicRf chipset with learning code decoding
  • -108dBm receiving sensitivity; more stable signal
  • 50m working range in open area
  • Built in rechargeable 400mAh battery for the watch receiver;