Manage Sales

Manage sales and collections by user with Retail management software. Administrate items by Barcodes, search your products by Reference, by Size and Color (Boutique and Shoe Shop mode) by Description, Department, Brand, Season (Boutique and Shoe Shop mode). Check stock availability of an item in Real-Time.

Issue and Validate Gift Vouchers from Software to avoid mistakes. Create Fixed Items (Supermarket/Fruitmarket) with different Names and Color’s. Manage effectively Pending Collections, Payments, Loans (Boutique and Shoe Shop mode) and Orders from the clients. Totalize a sale and settle different payment types; one part in cash and the other one in credit card.

Create and print labels

Create and print item labels. Configure different printing designs and automate barcodes creation with our self-generation functionality.

Promotions management

Increase your income and build customers loyalty with Bonus Cards, Prepaid Cards, Special Discounts, Special Rates and Gift Vouchers. Offer your clients multitude of promotions that are applied directly without the intervention of the cashier.

Special discounts by types of items, by days of the week, by time range. 2 x 1 offers, 1+1 or 2+1 Free, when purchasing 2 items the 2nd has discount, 20% discount on items of a specific section, exclude items from Promotion and many more.

Link POS with Scale

Integration with scales of many types to send the price/weight automatically to POS without Cashier intervention. (Supermarket and Retail shops)

Link POS with PinPad

Integration with pinpads to send automatically the amount from POS to pinpad without Cashier intervention.

Loyalty and Bonus Cards

Increase your income and loyal customers with different Bonus Card types with Pointing System or Prepaid Cards and propose them multitude of offers and promotions that are applied directly without employee intervention.

Staff Time attendance and Audit Control

Employee Clock – in and Clock -out by password, magnetic card or fingerprint. Detail of the Clock – in and Clock – out reason. Summary and Analytical report of worked hours.

Capture in Real-Time from POS the Delete Line, Open drawer, Change Price, Discount, Return Item, from which User and with the exact Date and Time.

Retail Mobile Solution

Improve Customer Service and maximize impulse purchases with Retail mobile solution from any Android mobile device.

Eliminate loss in sales by reducing the queues at the till, send the sale on POS and close it later or just check stock of an item.

Stock Manager Solution

Make inventories for stock control, Check Stock, Check Purchase and Sale Price, Print Labels, Receive goods by the Supplier.

Manage and control All Warehouse processes like Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Reception and Delivery Notes, Sale Orders, Sale Delivery Notes, Transfers between Warehouses through Android mobile devices with the our portable Software solution.

Sales Report from Anywhere

Check your sales Real-Time from Anywhere, from Any Device. Sales by Day/Week/Month/ or Specific range. Sales by POS, by Shop, by hour, by employee and all with a Real-Time Sales Comparisons from last year.

Chains and Franchises

Manage retail establishments both own and franchised with efficiency and immediate access to all company information in Real-Time.

Centralize your Establishments

Receive in Real-Time all Sales, Transfers, Points, Cashier Audit Control (Deletions, Open Drawer, Change price, Discounts), Time attendance and Cash Closings of each point of sale.

Update Centrally Items, Pricing, Promotions, User Profiles and Customer loyalty. Manage and control the items supply from the headquarter to branches.

E-shop integration

Integration between our Stock Control Software with your E-shop platform. Update Items, Prices, Stocks, Categories, Brands, Fit Guide etc.. directly from our Software to your E-shop.

Our E-commerce partner’s can design and implement E-shops based on your needs.

Companies using our Retail Software